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Wind Energy

Clean Energy Council:

Clean Energy Council fact sheet: There's power in the wind

Clean Energy Council report: Wind farm investment, employment and carbon abatement in Australia.

Danish Wind Energy Association:

Renewable UK:

Victorian wind farm guidelines:

Clean Energy Council, Best Practice Guidelines for Implementation of Wind Energy Projects in Australia:

EPA South Australia & Resonate Acoustics - Infrasound levels near wind farms and in other environments

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The Way the Wind Blows – Waubra residents tell their stories:

Victorian Wind Alliance – Graeme Maconachie:

NSW Government – Community attitudes to wind farms and renewable energy in NSW:

Clean Energy Council – Benefits of Wind Energy in Australia:

Clean Energy Council – Wind Farms – A guide for Communities:

Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure – Greenhouse Benefits:

Clean Energy Council – Property Prices Factsheet (contains links to other surveys):

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change- The Paris Agreement​


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Wind farms, sound and health

Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council – Wind Farms and human health:

Australian Medical Association – No evidence that wind farms harm health:

Department of Health, Victoria. Wind Farms, sound and health – Technical and community information:

Can expectations produce symptoms from infrasound associated with wind turbines?

Spatio-temporal differences in the history of health and noise complaints about Australian wind farms: evidence for the psychogenic, “communicated disease” hypothesis:

Clean Energy Council – Wind Farms and Health:

EPA South Australia & Resonate Acoustics - Infrasound levels near wind farms and in other environments:



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