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Willatook WIND FARM


Key milestones to date include:

First wind monitoring mast installation : 4th Jun 2009

An 80 metre wind monitoring mast has been installed on the proposed Willatook Wind Farm site. Data collected indicates the presence of a viable wind resource in the area.

Wind farm proposal announced : 13th Sep 2010

The announcement of the proposed Willatook Wind Farm was made by Wind Prospect.

Sodar wind monitoring installation : 27th Jul 2011

A new Sodar wind monitoring device was deployed to capture wind measurements across the site. Sodar technology sends sound pulses into the air then listens for the return echo to measure the wind speed.  Deployment of this technologylimits the number of fixed wind monitoring masts. The sodar device will continue to be moved around the site.

Second ​wind monitoring mast installation : October 2017

A 120 metre additional wind monitoring mast has been installed on the proposed Willatook Wind Farm site. Data collected will assist in determination of the best possible location for each turbine. 

Public Exhibition Open Day: Late 2017/ Early 2018

The planned open days for September 2017 have been postponed. Once new dates for the open days are confirmed we will notify the local community by post, notice boards in the locality, advertising in local newspapers and via this website.  In the meantime we actively encourage all community members to get in touch. You can contact the project team on 03 9005 9075, or if you prefer you can email

Lodgement of EES Referral: Quarter 1 2018

An Environmental Effects Statement ((EES) referral is prepared and lodged with the Minister for Planning who determines whether an EES is required as part of the planning permit application process.

Lodge planning permit application : Quarter 1 2018

Once the various studies are completed and extensive consultation has been carried out with local residents, a comprehensive Environmental Statement will be compiled and submitted to the Department of Planning for assessment in support of the planning permit application. This is currently scheduled to be lodged in December 2017.


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